After successful performance at “Saga” another meritorious step taken by School Development Society to showcase the talents of young Royalists in the area of dance and to help many  mature performance in the country to display their hidden talents.

The name “Thath Jith”

“Thath” and “Jith” the first two letters of the four in the “Kasthirama” of “Geta Bera” are chosen as the name of this extraordinary event.


The most implicit objectives of introducing such an event of school stage are to be bequeath the splendid heritage of traditional dance of Sri Lanka to the future generation.
“Thath Jith” is looking towards new dimensions in modern dance with deeper routes in traditional form which develops contemporary creations in more innovative grounds.

“Thath Jith” is more than a dance extravaganza, it is a festival for everyone to hear their hearts speaks.

we are very happy to announce that the first “ThathJith” show was concluded with a big success on Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th April 2014 at Navaragahala.

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