Demise of Udesh Jagoda

UdeshWe regretfully inform you of the demise of Udesh Jagoda, a teacher of Mathematics at Royal College(also the class teacher of 10 M) .Remains lie at Jayarathna Funeral Parlour.Cremation  on Wednesday 30th at 4.30 p.m at Borella Cemetary.All teachers,parents and students are expected to be there at the cremation.

5 thoughts on “Demise of Udesh Jagoda”

  1. sir you are the greatest teacher who met in my life.we can’t endure your sudden departure.really we can’t believe this.sir your memories never faded from our minds.they lasts forever.however RIP sir.that is the only thing to say now.

  2. We are very sad about the demise of this legendary teacher who has earned the hearts and minds of many students for years. I have felt the news with a great blow to me as my daughter and son have begun crying since reach of news on Sunday. This legendary teacher has touched the hearts of my children very strongly and have had a privilege to come closer to him in his classes. His untimely death is huge loss and many students miss him. He may attain supream nibbana.

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